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Brûle dans le silence Bekar 03:19
A minuit Bekar 02:12
Traverse la ville Bekar 02:05
Noir Gotham Bekar 02:55
Tout s'éteint Bekar 03:17
Coloris Bekar 03:16
Razorlight Bekar 03:43
Pièces détachées Bekar 03:13
Les secondes... Bekar 01:45
Basquiat Georgio, Bekar 03:13

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Brûle dans le silence

von Bekar


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Bekar at Botanique - Orangerie (December 9, 2023)
Brussels, Belgium

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Bekar is the stage name of French rapper Alexandre Becquart, born in Madrid on January 8, 1998. Raised in Roubaix, northern France, he developed a passion for hip-hop from a very young age and began writing his own rhymes shortly after. In the following years, Bekar gained online notoriety by uploading a series of freestyles to his video-streaming channel and continued honing his craft in rap battles. His creative partnership with producer Lucci led to him joining the North Face Records label in 2017, making his official debut with the track "Elle Me Veut" in 2019. Preceded by the single "La Mort a du goût," his first mixtape Boréal saw the light later that year. He continued his rapid ascent to the major leagues of French rap by signing to Fonky Flav's Panenka Music, who released his second mixtape Briques Rouges in 2020. The rapper from Lille spent the next few years working on his studio debut, Mirasierra, which finally came out in 2022. Featuring cameos by ZKR, Capitaine Roshi, and Georgio, the album debuted at Number 25 on the French charts.