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Rainmaker Coppelius 03:25
Moor Coppelius 03:19
Der Luftschiffharpunist Coppelius 03:29
Contenance Coppelius 01:06
Mein Grab Coppelius 03:28
Dark Ice Coppelius 03:53
I Get Used to It Coppelius 04:04
Gumbagubanga Coppelius 03:16
Reichtum Coppelius 03:17
Bloodline Coppelius 03:40

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Blending together the disparate worlds of heavy metal, classical, and chamber music, Coppelius performs hard-hitting, metal-influenced songs on symphonic instruments like clarinet, cello, harpsichord, and double bass. The group was launched in Berlin, Germany, in 1997. Named after a character in the German short story "Derr Sandmann," Coppelius developed not only a striking sound, but a unique look, too, with its members assuming fictitious names and clothing themselves in Victorian-era steampunk attire. A self-titled EP marked the group's debut in 2003, followed by the subsequent EPs 1803 (2004), To My Creator (2005), and the box set Frühe Werke (2005). A cult audience developed around those early recordings, and Coppelius expanded its fanbase by releasing a full-length record, Time-Zeit, in 2007. 2009's Tumult, 2010's Zinnober, 2013's Extrablatt, and 2015's Hertzmaschine all showcased the band's musical blend, while the group's concerts highlighted Coppelius' oddball use of 19th century clothing. The addition of drummer Herr Linus von Doppelschlag in 2019 added a percussive pulse to the band's music, as heard on the 2019 album Kammerarchiv. Four years later, Coppelius released its seventh studio album, 2023's Abwärts, which debuted at Number 59 on the Offizielle Deutsche Chart in the band's native Germany.