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Kosmonaut Me & the Monster 04:49
In Motion Me & the Monster 03:36
The Shadow Me & the Monster 03:05
My House Me & the Monster 04:33

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In 2017, four musicians from different countries met in the concrete jungle of Berlin and created “Me & the Monster”, an international indie band. Running barefoot through their youth, the four musicians had to fight their first battle: Cultural and linguistic differences stood in the way of thoroughly understanding each other. But in the end they found their common language: music. Due to their international background, the band played with their diverse influences, causing indigenous, south-American elements to merge with electronic features and creating what the band today describes as “tribal electronic progressive Indie” - A mix of catchy vocals, groovy rhythms and challenging lyrics. The band name „Me & the Monster“ describes the modern man and his connection with the most original part of himself, the subconscious - his monster. The lyrics deal with questions about freedom and environmental and social awareness.