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Eva Винтаж, Ева Польна 04:10
Знак Водолея Винтаж 03:40
Плохая девочка Винтаж 03:36
Девочки-лунатики Винтаж 04:14
Я верю в любовь Винтаж, M.E.G., Nerak 03:41
Дыши Винтаж 03:07
Вот и всё Винтаж, Red Max 03:40
Роман Винтаж 03:39
Тебе сегодня 18 Мари Краймбрери, Фейгин, Владимир Пресняков, Винтаж 02:12
Быстрые движения Винтаж, Red Max 03:40

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Vintage is a Russian pop band formed by the sound producer and composer Alexey Romanov and a singer, Anna Pletneva, in 2006. Romanof was an ex-member of the A-Mega band and Pletneyova was an ex-singer at the pop-trio Lyceum. In 2007, the first album entitled Криминальная любовь (Criminal Love) was released. In 2008, the single «Плохая девочка» ("Bad Girl") topped TopHit chart. Later that year, the song «Одиночество любви» ("Loneliness of Love") became the band’s second number-one hit. But the biggest success came with the single «Ева» ("Eva") (2009)  that peaked at number one on the chart and held this position for 9 weeks. In the following years, Vintage released another 5 albums: Sex (2009), Анечка (Anechka) (2011), Very Dance (2013), Decamerone (2014), Навсегда (Forever) (2020), and one EP, Быстрые движения (Fast Moves) (2021). Vintage became the most rotated band in the history of the Russian radio chart. The most commercially successful tracks are the singles «Плохая девочка» ("Bad Girl") (2008), «Ева» ("Eva") (2009), «Роман» ("Roman") (2010), «Деревья» ("Trees") (2011), «Москва» ("Moscow") (2012), and «Знак Водолея» ("Sign of Aquarius") (2013). The band’s music style is euro-pop mixed with electronic music and dance-pop, enriched with elements of classical music.