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Little Bit MattyBRaps 04:04
Monsters MattyBRaps 02:56
Closer MattyBRaps 03:06
California Dreamin MattyBRaps 03:09
Sad MattyBRaps 03:12
Stuck in the Middle MattyBRaps 02:53
Second Hand Love MattyBRaps 02:06
Already Gone MattyBRaps 03:02
Right in Front of You MattyBRaps 03:37
Original MattyBRaps 02:43

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Born on January 6, 2003, in Duluth, Georgia, Matty David Morris was only seven years ago when he began uploading his own performances of mainstream pop, R&B, and rap songs to YouTube in 2010. Adopting the stage name of MattyBRaps, he soon started interspersing his cover songs with original material like "That's The Way," a song whose music video climbed to Number 11 on Billboard's Social 50 Chart in 2012. By 2014, his YouTube channel had earned more than one billion views, confirming MattyBRaps' status as a young internet sensation. MattyBRaps remained loyal to the YouTube platform throughout the 2010s, even premiering his debut EP, 2015's Outside The Lines, on the website. He spent the rest of the decade releasing standalone singles like "Right In Front Of You" and "Story Of Our Lives," collaborating with a wide range of young singers — including Haschack Sisters, Ashlund Jade, and Ava Davis — along the way. MattyBRaps' original songs often focused on themes of young love and empowerment, which strengthened his bond with his youthful audience. As he entered his late-teens during the 2020s, MattyBRaps released singles like "Here We Go Again," "Ready This Time," and "Dramatic," promoting each song with music videos that showcased his talent not only as a singer, but also as an actor.