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Materik Артем Качер, Ані Лорак 02:35
Ja ne mogu skazat' Emin, Ані Лорак 04:08
Napolovinu Ані Лорак 03:22
Son Ані Лорак 02:58
Prostit'sja Emin, Ані Лорак 03:55
Stradaem i lyubim Ані Лорак 03:15
On Ані Лорак 03:00
Ne otpuskaj Ані Лорак, Сергей Лазарев 03:43
Razdetaya Ані Лорак 03:19
Ne otpuskaj menya Ані Лорак 03:39

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My narushaem
Ya tebya zhdala
Zapomni etu lyubov'

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A Ukrainian pop singer Karolina Kuiek (born in 1978) became Ani Lorak in 1995 by changing her name while taking part in a ‘Morning Star’ TV program. Her stage pseudo developed from her real name ‘Karolina’ spelled backwards. At the age of 17, she released her first music album «Хочу летать» (‘I Want to Fly’) produced in a genre of jazz rock. The same year she was named ‘Discovery of the Year’ during the Tavric Games music festival (Ukraine). In 1999, Ani Lorak recorded a song «Зеркала» (‘Mirrors’) that became one of the most significant in her career. The album of 2004, ‘Ani Lorak’ received gold status and a track «Три звичних слова» (‘Three Ordinary Words’) was named Best Song of the Year in Ukraine. In 2007, Ani Lorak won the second place at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Shady Lady’. The album (‘Sun’) (2009) became platinum in Ukraine, the album «Разве ты любил…» (‘Did You Love…’) (2016) topped iTunes in Ukraine and Russian within hours after its release. Lorak presented her latest album «Я жива» (‘I Am Alive’) in 2021. Ani Lorak sings in Ukrainian (albums «Там, де ти є…» ('Where You Are...', 2001), «Розкажи» (‘Tell Me’, 2005), Russian and English (album ‘Smile’, 2006), her main genres are pop, pop rock, soul, and funk.