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Dolce Vita Ryan Paris 03:56
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Around My Dream Medley How Old Are You Ryan Paris 05:21
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Dolce Vita Ms Project, Ryan Paris 03:33
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Dolce Vita (Maxi Single) Ryan Paris 07:18
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Ryan Paris is the pseudonym of Italian singer and actor Fabio Roscioli (born on March 12, 1953), who enjoyed massive success during the early 80s with the one hit wonder “La Dolce Vita.” A classically-trained musician, Roscioli attended the renowned Frosinone Arrangiamento conservatory before starting off a career as an actor in the late 70s, appearing in a couple of sci-fi films. His big breakthrough moment as a singer came in 1983 with the Pierluigi Golombini-penned worldwide Italo disco hit “La Dolce Vita,” which reached the top of the charts in countries like Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands, and propelled the singer to stardom. One year later, Roscioli released the single “Fall in Love” which, despite not being as successful as its predecessor, still managed to get into some European charts, peaking at Number 7 in Spain. After a string of poorly-received singles during the 90s, Roscioli made a comeback in 2010 with the song “I Wanna Love You Once Again,” an infectious Eurodance track produced by Eddy Mi Ami. Success found him once again in 2013, when Miroslav Kostadinov’s version of “Sensation of Love” reached Number 15 in the Bulgarian charts. Roscioli approached the end of the decade in full form, topping the Spanish charts once again with a Catalan version of “La Dolce Vita” in 2017, and playing some of his biggest hits with his 2018-2019 project, La Dolce Vita Show.