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YOK (Ee daha daha nasılsınız?) Sura İskenderli 02:32
Yalan Sura İskenderli 03:10
Bir Daha Yak Sura İskenderli 02:59
Ağıt Sura İskenderli 03:20
Yaram Derinden Sura İskenderli 03:17
Korkularım Sura İskenderli 03:14
Gidiyorum Sura İskenderli 03:10
Taştan Yürek Sura İskenderli 03:13
Sonu mu var Sura İskenderli 03:19
Karanlık Sura İskenderli 03:07

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Born in 1994 and raised in Azerbaijan, Sura İskenderli melds R&B-tinted electronic pop with the modal system of Azerbaijani traditions, singing in her native tongue. Sura İskenderli, who began composing music at a young age, released her debut EP, Korkularım, in 2019 and scored a musical breakthrough that same year in Turkey with the singles "Bir Daha Yak" and "Yaram Derinden," with the former receiving a nomination for Song of the Year at Turkey's Golden Butterfly Awards. In February 2020, Sura İskenderli received the award for Best Debut by a Pop Singer award at the 4th Music Stars Awards and the following year released singles "Hayalet" and "Dinle." Four new singles landed in 2021: "Sen Olmadan," "YOK (Ee daha daha nasılsınız?)," "Kandirma" and "Karanlık."