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BOLO (feat. YDG) Penomeco, YDG 02:51
Shy (eh o) Penomeco 03:23
Bubble Penomeco 02:01
X Penomeco 04:00
Bangers (Feat. Loopy) Penomeco, Loopy 03:26
Cloudy Penomeco 03:27
BOYPABLO (2019) Penomeco 03:11
PEW! (Feat. ZICO) Penomeco, Zico 02:49
Ghost (Feat. Gaeko, viceversa) Penomeco, Gaeko, Viceversa 04:24
COCO BOTTLE Penomeco 03:07

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Penomeco, born Jeong Dong-uk (Korean: 정동욱) on October 7, 1992, has been lighting up the South Korean rap scene since dropping his debut single, "Right There", in October 2014. After releasing a string of other singles over the next few years, including a 2016 collaboration with Punchnello and Crush, "For You", and "L.I.E" in 2018, that same year he dropped his first EP, Garden – which went to number 35 on South Korea's Gaon Music Chart – as well as scooping the top spot in the Mnet music battle show Breakers. Embracing the spirit of collaboration further in 2017, he joined forces with Millic, Zico, Dean, Staytuned, and Crush to form the FANXY CHILD Crew, with the group signalling their arrival in 2019 via first single "Y". Penomeco began a new chapter as a solo artist in June 2020 after ceasing his contract with record label and entertainment company Million Market. He signed with P Nation the following year and unleashed his second EP, Dry Flower, in April 2021, which went to number 14 in South Korea. A new single for Dreamus, "Bimil:ier Vol.6 "Cloudy"", arrived in 2022.