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BARBARY Marwan Pablo 02:36
3ayz Fin Marwan Pablo 03:32
LELLY YAH Marwan Pablo 03:09
Eish'ha B Afia Hassan El Shafei, Nancy Ajram, Marwan Pablo 03:18
OGRA Xander Ghost, Marwan Pablo 03:33
RACORE Marwan Pablo 02:56
Denamet Molotof, Marwan Pablo 03:28
EL HALAL Marwan Pablo 03:50
Ghaba Marwan Pablo 03:04
Free Marwan Pablo, Molotof 03:38

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Marwan Ahmed Metawea (November 22, 1995), aka Marwan Pablo, is an Egyptian rapper and producer from Alexandria. Known as one of the precursors of trap in his home country, he began rapping under the pseudonym Dama in 2015. "Al Gholaf X Ozoris," his first single as Marwan Pablo, appeared in 2017. After featuring in the documentary Rabka (2018), he rose to fame with the hits "Sindbad," "Abu Meca," and "Folklor," all recorded in collaboration with producer Molotof. Frustrated by the increasing pressure and expectations surrounding his career, Marwan Pablo announced his retirement from music in 2020. However, his absence from the scene proved to be short-lived—a video of himself working on a new song leaked onto the Internet in early 2021 and went viral in just a few hours. "Ghaba," his comeback single, appeared shortly after, and its accompanying video accumulated over 4 million views on video-streaming platforms. This was followed by the unveiling of his first album CTRL, comprised of the singles "Ghaba," "El Hob Fein," "CTRL," "DON," and "Atary." Following a controversial sold-out show in New Cairo, Marwan Pablo returned with the single "Barbary" in 2022.