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Север Tkimali, Лолита 01:55
По-другому Лолита, Коста Лакоста 03:28
На Титанике INSTASAMKA, Лолита 02:33
Пошлю его на… Лолита 03:20
На Титанике Лолита 03:52
Ориентация Север Лолита 03:20
Шпилька-каблучок Лолита 03:16
Раневская Лолита 03:34
Марлен Лолита 03:38
Шампанское Лолита 02:38

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Lolita Milyavskaya (née Gorelik) was born in Mukachevo (Ukrainian SSR) on November 14, 1963 to artistic parents. After her graduation from the Tambov Institute of Culture, she worked in Odessa philharmonics where she met Alexander Tsekalo. Together, they founded a cabaret-duo Academia in 1985. The pop band became popular nationwide with their ironic lyrics, extravagant and buffoon performances. After more than10 fruitful years, the duo broke up and Lolita began her solo career. Her first album Цветочки (Little Flowers) (2000) had been sold it the amount of 50 000, while the second LP Шоу разведенной женщины (The Show of the Divorced Woman) performed 6 times better in sales in 2003. In 2007, the release of the album Ориентация Север (Orientation North) became a milestone for the singer. The record included a hit of the same name and some tracks that became widely popular, such as «Она — ангел» (She’s an Angel) and «Не твое дело» (Not Your Business). Another album of 2007, Формат (Format) brought the big hit «Пошлю его на...» (I’ll Send Him To…), still popular a decade later. The track became Song of the Year and Golden Gramophone awards winner. Lolita Milyavskaya’s next album Фетиш (Fetish) (2008) became a scandal. The sales were stopped due to a censoring ban caused by a ‘too erotic’ photoshoot created for the album. Soon, the album was re-released in a different design. She released albums Анатомия (Anatomy) in 2014 and Раневская (Ranevskaya) in 2018, the hit from the latter, «На «Титанике» (On the Titanic) received Chanson of the Year music award. Lolita Milyavskaya is a recipient of multiple Russian music awards, such as Golden Gramophone, Chanson of the Year, Song of the Year et al.