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Mein Element ErdLing 03:33
Blitz und Donner ErdLing 03:24
Supernova ErdLing 03:51
FREIHEIT ErdLing 03:48
Phoenix ErdLing 03:45
Firmament ErdLing 04:09
BESTIA ErdLing 03:38
Frei wie der Wind ErdLing 03:57
Nichts als Staub ErdLing 03:29
Wölfe der Nacht ErdLing, Chris Pohl 03:45

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The German band Erdling was formed in 2014 by Neill Freiwald and Niklas Kahl. Both musicians were inspired by rock and heavy metal music, having previously performed a similar blend of music as members of Stahlmann. After adding bassist Marco Politi and drummer Niklas Kahl to the lineup, the group released its debut single "Blitz und Donner" in 2015. A full-length debut album, Aus den Tiefen, followed in 2016. Politi left the band later that year and was replaced by Nate Pearson, marking the first of many lineup changes. After the release of 2017's Supernova, co-founder Niklas Kahl left the lineup to join Lord of the Lost, with Christian Eichlinger joining in his place. Dämon was released in 2018, with Yggdrasil appearing two years later. A new single, "Wir sind Midgard," was released in 2019 and signaled a move toward a harder sound that emphasized the band's metal background. The band's next single, "In Namen der Krähe," featured vocals from guest singer Robert Dahn, frontman of the German folk-metal band Equilibrium. Blutengel's own frontman, Chris Pohl, appeared on Edling's third single of 2019, "Wölfe der Nacht," and all three songs were released in 2020 as part of the band's fourth studio album, Yggdrasil. Helheim followed in 2021, and Bestia debuted at Number 44 on the German Albums chart in May 2023.