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Burito is a Russian pop band that was founded in 1999 in Moscow. Two years later, having failed to achieve popularity, the bandmates had decided to dismiss the project. In 2012, eager to make his solo career, Igor Burnyshev, then a lead singer of Band’Eros band, decided to revive his abandoned project and again started to perform under the name of Burito. Burito’s first serious recognition came after the release of «Ты знаешь» (You know), a single featuring Yolka.
Burito is known for his many musical collaborations (Yolka, Uma2Rman, Larisa Dolina etc.) and also for its covers of popular compositions. Igor Burnyshev, answering the question of the band's music genre, describes it as pop, and the hit "Острова" (2021) is a great example of the statement. Burito’s music incorporates elements of rock, rap, hip-hop, and electronic sound (Samskara (2019). Burnyshev is the author of all the band's compositions.