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Black Is Black Los Bravos 02:56
Bring a Little Lovin' Los Bravos 02:21
Black Is Black Los Bravos 06:06
Bring a Little Lovin' Los Bravos 02:17
Bring a Little Lovin' Los Bravos 02:20
La Moto Los Bravos 02:10
Give Me a Chance Los Bravos 02:00
Girl From Ipanema Los Bravos 02:22
Black Is Black Los Bravos 03:40
Spanish Eyes Los Bravos 02:55

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Los Bravos are a Spanish rock'n'roll group founded in Madrid in 1965. The original lineup consisted of singer Michael Volker Kogel Sumaya, guitarist Antonio "Tony" Martínez Salas, keyboardist Manuel "Manolo" Fernández Aparicio, bassist Miguel Vicens Danús, and drummer Pablo Sanllehí Gómez. Though Los Bravos were a Spanish band, Kogel was originally from Germany, and would sing in Spanish and English. Their smash single “Black is Black” was their biggest success, reaching Number 2 on the UK Singles Charts, and Number 4 in the USA. The group released other successful singles such as “La Moto,” “I Don’t Care,” and “Bring a Little Lovin’”. The group also appeared in two Spanish comedy films: 1967’s Los Chicos Con las Chicas and 1968’s Dame Un Poco De Amor. Los Bravos went through a lineup change in 1968 when singer Kogel left the band to pursue a solo career, and was replaced first by Bob Wright and then by Tony Anderson. Over the course of the following decades, the band would go through several reunions, alternating lineups as they toured the world. In 2019, there was renewed interest in the group after their song “Bring a Little Lovin’” was included in the trailer to the Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. That same year, the group reunited with Bruce Game as their new lead singer; they’ve since started releasing new original material, such as the singles “Gotta Be Strong” and “Chariot.”