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Dark Side Of The Hill Niklas Paschburg, Luisa 04:23
Journey Among Worlds Niklas Paschburg 05:36
Tuur mang Welten Niklas Paschburg 04:37
Serafico Niklas Paschburg 03:10
Delphi Waltz Niklas Paschburg 02:47
Sand Whirling Niklas Paschburg 04:31
If Niklas Paschburg 04:53
Spark Niklas Paschburg 04:24
Lunatic Circus Niklas Paschburg 04:35
Flâneur Niklas Paschburg 03:20

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German composer and pianist Niklas
Paschburg was born in 1994 in Hamburg. Inspired by nature, his music is based
in acoustic instrumentation, but takes full advantage of the various moods that
can be achieved through electronic means. He released his debut single, “Dawn”,
in 2014, and his debut EP, Tuur mang Welten, followed two years later.
He then set about to compose his first album, which was informed primarily from
a trip to Grömitz
in 2017 where he spent over a week soaking in the ambient sounds of the Baltic
Sea and attempting to replicate them in his studio that overlooked the water.
The result, 2018’s fully instrumental Oceanic, won rave reviews for its aquatic
feelings as well as its ability to combine natural ambience with synthesizers
and classical harmonies. His name quickly became mentioned alongside such fellow
modern classical composers as Nils Frahm and Max Richter. His follow-up album,
2020’s Svalbard was an attempt to capture the feel of the Arctic, and was
informed by Paschburg’s concern about climate change. It also earned him strong
reviews for his abilities to create what are often referred to as cinematic
audio landscapes.