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Gigi Rina, Sin Boy 03:24
Sexaki Sin Boy, DJ Stephan 02:52
Fale Sin Boy 03:03
Boss Sin Boy, Popayedi 03:35
Colombiana Sin Boy, Skull 02:38
Sari Rina, Sin Boy 03:20
Ciao Bella Sin Boy, Mad Clip 02:40
Skrrrr Sin Boy 02:16
Delulu Sin Boy 02:36
Fallin in Love Rina, Sin Boy 02:29

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Sin Boy is an Albanian rapper making waves across Greece and Eastern Europe. Born Theodore Agustin Gega in 1994, Sin Boy began making music aged 18 and started to build an online presence when he put his music online in 2015. It's alleged that the following year he was arrested by Greek police for possession of drugs, though some consider the story to be the product of myth-building on the rapper's part.

Sin Boy's breakout year was 2017. The song 'Draco' brought him to prominence and that same year he collaborated with Emilia Barak on the track 'Change My Lights'. A signing with Heaven Music followed, cementing him as a mainstay of the Greek rap community. Sin Boy appeared on Rina's 2018 song 'Gigi', which racked up nearly 35 million views on YouTube in its first nine months on the platform.

When 'Mama?' was released in collaboration with Madclip, Ypo and Illeoo it swept up 16 million YouTube views in its first month and prompted a wave of coverage by the Greek online press and even netted him an appearance on the popular Gregory Arnautoglou talk show, taking him from cult online favourite to mainstream success.