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A Thousand Shards of Heaven Lunatic Soul 12:16
Navvie Lunatic Soul 04:03
Cold Lunatic Soul 06:57
The Passage Lunatic Soul 08:57
Blood on the Tightrope Lunatic Soul 07:19
He Av En Lunatic Soul 04:03
Gutter Lunatic Soul 08:41
Wanderings Lunatic Soul 05:28
Treehouse Lunatic Soul 05:31
Rinsing the Night Lunatic Soul 03:55

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Initially starting life as the solo project of bass player Mariusz Duda from Polish prog-metal favourites Riverside, Lunatic Soul explore grand, brooding soundscapes and experiment with icy, ambient electronica, acoustic grooves and global beats and melodies.

Based in Warsaw, Duda was originally a member of melodic, experimental outfit Xanadu in the 1990s, but joined forces with guitarist Piotr Grudzinski and the other Riverside crew in 2002 and attempted to combine the thrashing, theatrical thunder of classic metallers like Marillion and Dream Theater with ambient, industrial, electronic influences. It proved a success as Riverside crafted an unusually atmospheric and sonically adventurous sound, topped the Polish charts with 'Anno Domini High Definition' and became admired, fixtures of the European metal scene.

Always keen to venture into new territory, Duda began dabbling more with electronic, synth sounds and, with demo material deemed unsuitable for Riverside, he created the self-titled, debut Lunatic Soul album in 2008. That same sparse, minimal aesthetic continued on 'Lunatic Soul II' in 2010 and by 2014's 'Walking On a Flashlight Beam', Duda's heavy rock roots were a distant memory as he embraced a style that drew comparisons with Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Brian Eno. The death of both his father and his Riverside bandmate Grudzinski made 'Fractured' the most personal and emotionally soul-bearing work of Duda's career, and he returned in 2017 with companion piece 'Under the Fragmented Storm' on which he spoke defiantly of persevering through the troubled times and finding an optimistic future.