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10 chlini Appenzeller Bligg 02:24
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Volksmusigg Bligg, Original Streichmusik Alder 03:32

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Born Marco Bliggensdorfer on September 30, 1976, Bligg is one of the most famous rappers in the Swiss rap scene, known for his flawless flows and his use of traditional folk instruments in his beats. Bligg began freestyling at the early age of 16, releasing the EP Zürislang Freistill. Three years later, he would form the hip hop duo Bligg’n’Lexx with rapper/producer Lexx (Alex Storrer). Their first single, “Schnitzeljagd” was released in 1999. In 2001, Bligg released Normal, his first solo album. The singles “Alles scho mal ghört” and “Relaxtra” reached the Top 20 in the Swiss Singles Chart. Odyssey, his second album, stayed on the charts for 9 consecutive weeks and spawned the single “King Size.” His next album, Okey Dokey, was the first album to be released in dualdisc format in the Swiss market. 2007’s Yves Spink, his fourth album, was named after a Swiss event organizer and reached the Top 10 in the Swiss charts. Bligg’s next three albums, 0816, Bart aber herzlich, and Service Publigg, all reached Number 1 in his home country’s charts and had subsequent tours, with up to nine musicians on stage to replicate the recorded material.