Pocket Songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Guess which Led Zeppelin track is one of Red Hot Chili Peppers all-time favourites.


Black Summer Red Hot Chili Peppers 03:52
Cosmic Slop Funkadelic 05:20
House Burning Down Jimi Hendrix 04:32
Crosseyed and Painless (2005 Remaster) Talking Heads 04:45
Supernaut Black Sabbath 04:31
Fashion (2017 Remaster) David Bowie 04:50
Not Great Men (2021 Remaster) Gang of Four 03:06
Mother Popcorn (Pt. 1) James Brown 03:10
Moonage Daydream (2012 Remaster) David Bowie 04:39
History Lesson Part 2


Minutemen 02:12
Family Affair (Single Version) Sly & The Family Stone 03:05
Move on Up (Extended Version) Curtis Mayfield 08:55
Royal Orleans (Remaster) Led Zeppelin 02:59
He Was a Big Freak Betty Davis 04:07


Minutemen 01:38
The Guns of Brixton (Remastered) The Clash 03:12
Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer Parliament 04:56
Media Blitz The Germs 02:37


The Slits 01:35
Poster Child Red Hot Chili Peppers 05:18