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Keep you updated with the lastest Trance and Progressive stuff from the german-based Trance label TIME FUSION, check the sound and save your favourite tune for your own playlist. #TranceFamily

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  • 10 Titel
  • 31 min


Oasis John Aidan 03:40
Transparent (Eleven Skies Remix) Pattraxx 03:12
Only the Moon Was a Witness Christian Westerhof 02:13
Karplus John Aidan 03:25
Stop Destroying Our World Tranceflight, Goan Wave, Sascha Milde 03:01
Beauty in Your Eyes (Update) Eleven Skies, Zara Taylor 03:14
Ain't This Bass Tranceflight 03:22
Eclipse Marcel van Eyck 02:42
When Trance Connects (Tranceflight Mix) Kuno, Steven Liquid, Tranceflight 03:16
Searching Reality (Tranceflight Remix) Steven Liquid 03:18