Time Fusion

The Sound of TIME FUSION through all the years from the beginning in 2006 till today, TRANCEMUSIC in all it's colours and sound!

  • von Ultimate Digital
  • 97 Titel
  • 5 h 36 min


My Colony on Mars Sascha Milde 03:17
Synthesia (Peaktime Mix) Tranceflight 03:15
Heaven (Club Mix) Steven Liquid, Ren Faye 03:00
Solar City John Aidan 03:32
Atypical Reaction Catchfire 03:22
Atlantic Sascha Milde 03:23
Cappadocia John Aidan 03:46
Beatitude of Heaven Tranceflight, Luca De Maas 03:21
Colours City (Steven Liquid Remix) Mino Safy 03:04
Starliner John Aidan 03:49
Incomplete Chapter Tranceflight, Goan Wave 03:29
Travel (Steven Liquid Remix) Slim Colt 03:44
Ocean Ride Steven Liquid, Zara Taylor 03:50
The Space Between (Club Breakz) Tranceflight 03:50
Runaway (Short Drive) Eleven Skies 03:30
Drive Back Tranceflight 03:07
Drive Back (Outro) Tranceflight 01:42
My Heart Goes Heaven (Eleven Skies Remix) Pattraxx 03:21
Arya (Andrew Fields Remix Edit) John Aidan 03:16
Tribute (Tranceflight Reboost) Luca De Maas 03:02
Synthesia Tranceflight 03:05
Sehnsucht (DJ T.H. Remix Edit) Pattraxx 03:07
Silence Before the Storm Way/two/Side 03:43
Sakura (Marc Simz Remix Edit) T.O.M. 03:25
Marias Theme Pattraxx, Elusun 03:00
Beauty in Your Eyes Eleven Skies, Zara Taylor 03:13
Good Guy (Euphoric Feel Remix Edit) Pattraxx 03:16
Transparent (Radio Edit) Pattraxx 03:08
Respire (Radio Edit) Paul Armena 02:59
Icarus Tranceflight 03:25