Show cover of Emfuleni


Emfuleni: A Lockdown Thriller - Follow young German actor Kornelius Baumann on his journey to Johannesburg where he is supposed to perform at an international theatre festival. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic thwarts his plans. What's even worse, however, is that somebody has apparently stolen his identity and now Kornelius can't return back home. Instead, he finds himself being persecuted, even though he doesn't know by whom... A mystery novel about racism, terrorism, animism and love.


Chapter 7: Reporting 30:30 21.09.2020
Chapter 6: Phishing 33:05 18.09.2020
Chapter 5: Marching 35:18 17.09.2020
Chapter 4: Shagging 33:12 16.09.2020
Chapter 3: Travelling 18:46 05.09.2020
Chapter 2: Investigating 09:43 05.09.2020
Chapter 1: Modelling 06:05 05.09.2020