Album picture of Mendelssohn, Felix: Elijah

Mendelssohn, Felix: Elijah

Stanford Robinson


Album Tracks

Part I: Introduction: Recitative: As God the Lord of Israel liveth (Elijah) Harold Williams 00:52
Part I: Overture Harold Williams 02:26
Part I: Help, Lord! wilt Thou quite destroy us? (Chorus) Harold Williams 02:49
Part I: Recitative: The Deeps afford no water - Duet with Chorus: Lord! bow Thine ear to our prayer! (Soprano, Contralto, Chorus) Harold Williams 02:37
Part I: Recitative: Ye people, rend you hearts - Aria: If with all your hearts (Obadiah) Harold Williams 03:29
Part I: Yet doth the Lord see it not (Chorus) Harold Williams 03:01
Part I: Recitative: Elijah! get thee hence - Air: For He shall give him Angels (An Angel) Harold Williams 03:15
Part I: Recitative, Aria and Duet: What have I to do with thee, O man of God? (The Widow, Elijah) Harold Williams 06:02
Part I: Blessed are the men who fear Him (Chorus) Harold Williams 02:49
Part I: Recitative: As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth (Elijah, Ahab, Chorus) Harold Williams 03:26

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