Album picture of Psychedelia, Volume 1: Oil - Emusion - Slyde

Psychedelia, Volume 1: Oil - Emusion - Slyde

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Light Of Your Mind David 02:52
Get Down From The Tree Matadors 03:26
A Night To Remember Alan Avon And The Toyshop 04:35
Getting Old Svensk 02:06
Henbanes Sacrifice The Jackpots 01:56
The Black Snake Junior's Eyes 02:38
Please Remember Enough's Enough 02:09
I Know What I Would Do State Of Micky And Tommy 03:08
Sandfly The Bluejeans 03:12
Armageddon Cape Kennedy Construction Company 04:24
Baby I Need You Giorgio And Marco's Men 02:59
Tread Softly For The Sleepers The Hi-Fi's 02:09
City Life The Gibsons 03:03
Suddenly Tomorrow Kenetic 04:49

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