Album picture of Coming Up (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]

Coming Up (Remastered) [Deluxe Edition]



Album Tracks

Trash (Remastered) Suede 04:05
Filmstar (Remastered) Suede 03:25
Lazy (Remastered) Suede 03:17
By the Sea (Remastered) Suede 04:17
She (Remastered) Suede 03:38
Beautiful Ones (Remastered) Suede 03:50
Starcrazy (Remastered) Suede 03:33
Picnic by the Motorway (Remastered) Suede 04:45
The Chemistry Between Us (Remastered) Suede 07:04
Saturday Night (Remastered) Suede 04:42
She (Greenhouse Demo) [Remastered] Suede 02:48
Lazy (Greenhouse Demo) [Remastered] Suede 03:14
Dead Leg (Beautiful Ones) [Four Track Demo] [Remastered] Suede 03:15
Filmstar (Church Demo) [Remastered] Suede 02:38
Pisspot (Trash) [Four Track Demo] [Remastered] Suede 05:02
Ballad Idea (Saturday Night) [Church Demo] [Remastered] Suede 03:48
Tiswas (Starcrazy) [Four Track Demo] [Remastered] Suede 03:20
Asda Town (Remastered) Suede 03:07
Together (Remastered) Suede 04:34
Bentswood Boys (Remastered) Suede 03:13

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