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Album Tracks

Dedicated Music Man Mortimer 03:29
Where Dragons Guard The Doors Mortimer 03:29
Would You Believe Mortimer 02:39
Singing To The Sunshine Mortimer 03:21
Mortimer's Theme Mortimer 02:53
Take Your Troubles Mortimer 03:15
To Understand Someone Mortimer 02:20
Waiting For Someone Mortimer 02:36
Life's Sweet Music Mortimer 02:26
Yes We Know Mortimer 02:47
Dedicated Music Man (Bonus Track) Mortimer 03:28
To Understand Someone (Bonus Track) Mortimer 02:20
Ingenue's Theme (Bonus Track) Mortimer 02:26
Slicker "Beauty Hints" (Bonus Track) Mortimer 02:27
Christine Tildsley (Demo Bonus Track) Mortimer 03:35
And They Sang (Demo Bonus Track) Mortimer 04:19

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