Album picture of A Presbyter's Dementia

A Presbyter's Dementia

John Tabacco


Album Tracks

Clam Radio Xmas Jingle John Tabacco 01:30
Xmas Evening John Tabacco 02:37
The Priest Wants a Hit / Selected Prestonian Raynay John Tabacco 02:19
Let's Make the Water Turn Black John Tabacco 02:32
In the Autumn of My Madness John Tabacco, Ed Palermo Big Band 02:50
The Priest's Second Love John Tabacco, Chris Pati 00:40
Poor Phillup, Stupid Phillup John Tabacco 01:38
Lock and Load My Sweet Baby Jesus John Tabacco 02:05
Don't Be Fooled People John Tabacco 04:02
The Priest's out of Body Alien Abduction John Tabacco 04:03
Re-Occuring Nightmare John Tabacco, Marci Geller 04:52
Hey Junior (What's That Cloud That Hangs on You?) John Tabacco, Donna Bach-Heitner, Fuzzy Gray Logic 03:43
Lost in the Fun House John Tabacco 04:08
Zip-Squat-Beep John Tabacco 04:49
Wacky Catrina Theme / A Tiny Bean Bag Baby John Tabacco 02:57
M.M. Coughs up a Small Farm Animal John Tabacco, Nick DiMauro, M.M 08:05
Breezy / Sawtayin' the Horse John Tabacco, Marci Geller 01:19
Blame It All on Christmas Day John Tabacco, Gian DiMauro 03:34
Slip Code's Third Party Life System John Tabacco, Paul Michael Barkan, Marci Geller, Nick DiMauro 02:09
L.T. At 35 and Still No Piano John Tabacco 03:44

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