Album picture of Final Fantasy: Piano Collections, Vol. 2

Final Fantasy: Piano Collections, Vol. 2

Jeremy Ng


Album Tracks

Welcome to Our Town! (From "Final Fantasy IV") Jeremy Ng 03:02
Theme of Love (From "Final Fantasy IV") Jeremy Ng 03:56
Kids Run Through the City Corner (From "Final Fantasy VI") Jeremy Ng 03:16
The Mystic Forest (From "Final Fantasy VI") Jeremy Ng 03:21
The Decisive Battle (From "Final Fantasy VI") Jeremy Ng 02:42
Main Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") Jeremy Ng 04:50
Ahead On Our Way (From "Final Fantasy VII") Jeremy Ng 04:27
Cinco de Chocobo (From "Final Fantasy VII") Jeremy Ng 02:29
Ami (From "Final Fantasy VIII") Jeremy Ng 03:22
Blue Fields (From "Final Fantasy VIII") Jeremy Ng 03:18
Find Your Way (From "Final Fantasy VIII") Jeremy Ng 03:45
The Place I'll Return to Someday (From "Final Fantasy IX") Jeremy Ng 03:16
Unrequited Love (From "Final Fantasy IX") Jeremy Ng 04:38
Vamo' Alla Flamenco (From "Final Fantasy IX") Jeremy Ng 03:03
Tidus' Theme (From "Final Fantasy X") Jeremy Ng 04:30
Besaid Island (From "Final Fantasy X") Jeremy Ng 03:05
Servants of the Mountain (From "Final Fantasy X") Jeremy Ng 04:16

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