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Cody Hyde

Cody Hyde


Album Tracks

The Madness Cody Hyde 03:56
Awakened Cody Hyde, Jon Howard 03:37
Let It Out Cody Hyde, Jose Diaz, Neal Romero 04:18
Save Yourself Cody Hyde 03:35
A Broken Heart Cody Hyde 01:05
This Haunted Memory Cody Hyde, Jessica Lawrence 03:59
When Darkness Prevails Cody Hyde 03:27
Rise! Cody Hyde, Mike Patterson, Ian Blythe 03:41
Sear the Retina Cody Hyde, Steve Glasford 03:48
Break the Silence Cody Hyde 04:22
Rain Cody Hyde, Aly Frank 04:07
Into Oblivion Cody Hyde 02:46
It Never Ends Cody Hyde, Jose Diaz, Neal Romero 04:02
The Final Chapter Cody Hyde 04:10
Angel of Darkness Cody Hyde 02:59
Coming Home Cody Hyde, Michael Gildner 03:41
End of Days Cody Hyde 04:19
The Legacy Cody Hyde 03:30
Rise! (Instrumental Version) Cody Hyde 03:41

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