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Album Tracks

The Ecstasy Of Gold (Live) Metallica 02:32
The Call Of Ktulu (Live) Metallica 09:34
Master Of Puppets (Live) Metallica 08:54
Of Wolf And Man (Live) Metallica 04:18
The Thing That Should Not Be (Live) Metallica 07:26
Fuel (Live) Metallica 04:35
The Memory Remains (Live) Metallica 04:42
No Leaf Clover (Live) Metallica 05:43
Hero Of The Day (Live) Metallica 04:44
Devil's Dance (Live) Metallica 05:26
Bleeding Me (Live) Metallica 09:01
Nothing Else Matters (Live) Metallica 06:49
Until It Sleeps (Live) Metallica 04:29
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live) Metallica 04:52
- Human (Live) Metallica 04:19
Wherever I May Roam (Live) Metallica 07:01
Outlaw Torn (Live) Metallica 09:58
Sad But True (Live) Metallica 05:46
One (Live) Metallica 07:53
Enter Sandman (Live) Metallica 07:39

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