Album picture of So That's How It Ended...

So That's How It Ended...



Album Tracks

Soma Supercool-Guy, Fay Cannings 03:23
Musicity Supercool-Guy 03:13
Party in the Sun Supercool-Guy 03:48
You (So Alive!) Supercool-Guy, Fay Cannings 03:30
Ophelia (Viceroy Mix) Supercool-Guy, Wani 04:08
No More Chasing You Supercool-Guy, Kelly Erez 03:05
Inside Out Supercool-Guy, Fay Cannings 03:47
Enchanted Supercool-Guy 04:02
Temple of the Sun Supercool-Guy 04:14
Darkness of My Heart Supercool-Guy 03:57
Ophelia (Mostly Acoustic Mix) Supercool-Guy, Wani 04:28

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