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Instrumental Masters of the Songs



Album Tracks

Bastards of Science PiperSins 06:14
Beast Crushing PiperSins 05:57
Bone Hole PiperSins 05:36
Chips are Broken PiperSins 04:32
Ending at Death PiperSins 06:40
Eyes of Metal Hands PiperSins 05:22
Face of Blood PiperSins 05:46
Inside Seed PiperSins 05:06
Kind Man Salvation PiperSins 06:35
Knights to Kings PiperSins 05:48
Massacuring the Globe PiperSins 05:37
Mechanical Human PiperSins 05:01
Monster Demon PiperSins 04:48
Now Kill Me PiperSins 03:41
Order of Execution PiperSins 05:25
Overdue Revolution PiperSins 06:00
Sane Insane PiperSins 06:00
Slaying Our Beast PiperSins 06:03
Speed Killers PiperSins 05:40
Taking the Jacket Off PiperSins 05:05

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