Album picture of The Soul of Rock And Roll

The Soul of Rock And Roll

Roy Orbison


Listen to the album The Soul of Rock And Roll by Roy Orbison

Album Tracks

Ooby Dooby The Teen Kings 02:01
Hey! Miss Fannie The Wink Westerners 02:34
A True Love Goodbye The Teen Kings 02:20
An Empty Cup And A Broken Date The Teen Kings 02:20
Tryin' To Get To You The Teen Kings 02:45
Tutti Frutti The Teen Kings 02:32
Advertisement: Overton Park Shell Concert Roy Orbison 00:59
Ooby Dooby Roy Orbison & Teen Kings 02:11
Cat Called Domino Roy Orbison 02:06
Go! Go! Go! Roy Orbison & Teen Kings 02:07
Rock House Roy Orbison & Teen Kings 02:03
Guitar Pull Medley: I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/I Was The One/That's All Right/Mary Lou/You're My Baby Roy Orbison 09:28
You're My Baby Roy Orbison 02:05
Mean Little Mama Roy Orbison 01:55
Problem Child Roy Orbison 02:19
One More Time Roy Orbison 01:15
You're Gonna Cry Roy Orbison 02:05
It's Too Late Roy Orbison 01:58
Sweet And Easy To Love Roy Orbison 02:10
This Kind Of Love (Demo Recording) Roy Orbison 02:07

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