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Reality Annihilation



Listen to the album Reality Annihilation by PiperSins

Album Tracks

The Introduction of Intro PiperSins 03:19
King Knights and Squires PiperSins 05:17
Crater Impact PiperSins 04:50
Save Yourself PiperSins 05:51
Metal Eyes and Hands PiperSins 05:23
Don't Believe in Liars PiperSins 04:46
Die Rising Death PiperSins 06:33
Biblical Rage PiperSins 02:44
Is This Yours PiperSins 05:07
Execution Order PiperSins 05:25
Changing of the Guard PiperSins 05:48
Mankind Salvation PiperSins 06:35


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