Album picture of The Four Seasons of the Pipa

The Four Seasons of the Pipa

Liu Fang


Listen to the album The Four Seasons of the Pipa by Liu Fang

Album Tracks

Drunk by the Sounds of Nature Liu Fang 02:37
Pearling Water on Swaying Lotus Liu Fang 03:15
Beautiful Mountain and Clear Water Liu Fang 01:49
Three-Six (Three Variations of Plum Music) Liu Fang 04:13
Plum Blossom on the Bank of a Brook Liu Fang 02:11
Lament from a Remote Frontier Land Liu Fang 03:07
Autumn Moon Over the Palace of a Han Emperor Liu Fang 03:30
Little Fish Play in the Water Liu Fang 01:01
A Spray of Plum Blossoms Liu Fang 01:57
Autumn Moon Over a Calm Lake Liu Fang 02:50
Dance of the Yi People Liu Fang 03:26


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