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Album Tracks

Ain't Gonna Die Tonight (feat. Eric Nally) Macklemore, Eric Nally 03:34
Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey) Macklemore, Skylar Grey 03:42
Marmalade (feat. Lil Yachty) Macklemore, Lil Yachty 04:24
Willy Wonka (feat. Offset) Macklemore, Offset 03:42
Intentions (feat. Dan Caplen) Macklemore, Dan Caplen 03:50
Good Old Days (feat. Kesha) Macklemore, Ke$ha 04:00
Levitate (feat. Otieno Terry) Macklemore, Otieno Terry 03:32
Firebreather (feat. Reignwolf) Macklemore, Reignwolf 03:25
How To Play the Flute (feat. King Draino) Macklemore, King Draino 03:28
Ten Million Macklemore 02:59
Over It (feat. Donna Missal) Macklemore, Donna Missal 03:38
Zara (feat. Abir) Macklemore, Abir 03:37
Corner Store (feat. Dave B & Travis Thompson) Macklemore, Dave B, Travis Thompson 04:33
Miracle (feat. Dan Caplen) Macklemore, Dan Caplen 03:44
Church (feat. Xperience) Macklemore, Xperience 04:10
Excavate (feat. Saint Claire) Macklemore, Saint Claire 03:56

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