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Various Artists


Album Tracks

3 Movements: I. Purl Tom Lessels 05:48
3 Movements: II. Wane Tom Lessels 06:34
3 Movements: III. Bob Tom Lessels 05:43
Lyric Pieces: No. 1, All My Failings Exposed Rebecca Hepplewhite 03:55
Lyric Pieces: No. 2, Right to the End of Our River Rebecca Hepplewhite 05:42
Lyric Pieces: No. 3, A Kind of Green Rebecca Hepplewhite 03:12
Lyric Pieces: No. 4, Close the Door, Put Out the Light Rebecca Hepplewhite 04:06
Lyric Pieces: No. 5, Something in Our Minds Will Always Stay Rebecca Hepplewhite 03:05
Lyric Pieces: No. 6, The Bluegirls Have All Gone Away Rebecca Hepplewhite 07:00
Shenanigans: No. 1, A Cool Cafuffle Tom Lessels 02:29

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