Album picture of A Star Is Born Soundtrack

A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper


Album Tracks

Intro Cast 00:20
Black Eyes Bradley Cooper 03:03
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Dialogue) Cast 00:42
Fabulous French (Dialogue) Cast 00:19
La Vie En Rose Lady Gaga 02:59
I'll Wait For You (Dialogue) Cast 00:19
Maybe It's Time Bradley Cooper 02:39
Parking Lot (Dialogue) Cast 00:31
Out Of Time Bradley Cooper 02:52
Alibi Bradley Cooper 03:03
Trust Me (Dialogue)


Cast 00:32
Shallow Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper 03:35
First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue) Cast 00:10
Music To My Eyes Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper 03:19
Diggin' My Grave Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper 03:57
I Love You (Dialogue) Cast 00:19
Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga 03:30
Unbelievable (Dialogue) Cast 00:28
How Do You Hear It? (Dialogue) Cast 00:14
Look What I Found Lady Gaga 02:55

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