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Herbs Abroad

Aero Manyelo, ERNEST, Mavusana, Qhizzo


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Album Tracks

Bum Jive Aero Manyelo, Qhizzo 04:42
Koyiba (Nuherb Mix) Aero Manyelo, ERNEST 05:33
Konopa Aero Manyelo, Mavusana 05:55
Shughuti Aero Manyelo 05:31
Rena Fela Aero Manyelo 04:53
Kharele Aero Manyelo 04:54
Intoni Aero Manyelo 04:56
Dokotela Aero Manyelo, ERNEST 05:52
Yoh Aero Manyelo 04:52
Memory Card Aero Manyelo 05:39
Herbal Heal Aero Manyelo 04:38
Konopa (Dub) Aero Manyelo, Mavusana 05:55
Konopa (Radio Edit) Aero Manyelo, Mavusana 03:36


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