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Essence Drown in Sulphur 04:01
Sulphur Cvlt Drown in Sulphur 04:40
Blackwind Drown in Sulphur 04:57
An Epilogue to the Arrogant Drown in Sulphur 04:05
Moths Drown in Sulphur 04:33
Blessed End Drown in Sulphur 03:24
Descendent Sunrise Drown in Sulphur 04:21
Vivant Tenebrae Drown in Sulphur 04:36
As Above so Below Drown in Sulphur 03:28
Execution Drown in Sulphur 03:29

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Drown In Sulphur have been active since 2014, the project went viral after the release of the two singles An epilogue to The Arrogant and Blackwind, reaching a total of over 5 million views on YouTube and 1 million streams. They have shared the stage in national and foreign territory with big names in the Metal and Deathcore scene such as Whitechapel, Carnifex, Rings Of Saturn, Aversion Crown, I Declares War; claiming to be one of the most promising realities of recent years. The project has two released EPs (IT RISES 2015), (Blackwind 2018), and 6 singles, (An Epilogue To The Arrogant 2015), (Violet Shades Of Kingu 2016), (Blackwind 2019), (Moths 2019), (Earth Reset 2020) , (Brain Dead 2020). Drown In Sulphur are currently realising a new album, with great black metal influences that blend with their particular deathcore / slam / downtempo / sludge style. The First single of the Album is "Essence"; this song has been added to some of the most important Spotify's editorial playlist: "Deathcore", "Heavy Beatdown" and "New Blood" reaching more than 200.000 streams. "Descendent Sunrise is the second single of the new album, released on 21st January 2021 with a Lyric Video on Slam Worldwide YouTube Channel and featured in Spotify's editorial playlist "New Metal Tracks". Later two more singles with official video were released on YouTube: Vivant Tenebrae and the titletrack Sulphur Cvlt; these too have been featured in Spotify's editorial playlist. the first one in "New Metal Tracks" and the second one in "Black and Dark Metal". ‚Äč Active members Luca Peo Pareschi - Voice Christian Lombardo - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Emanuele Corso - Rhythm Guitar Domenico Francesco Tamilia - Drums. Ex members Mattia Maffioli - Voice Simone Verde - Lead Guitar Leonardo Sergio - Rhythm Guitar Mattia Rossi - Bass Enrico Masiero - Bass BIO