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Roda Roda Roda Galinha Pintadinha 01:23
Pintinho Amarelinho Galinha Pintadinha 01:43
Coelhinho Galinha Pintadinha 02:09
Galinha Pintadinha Galinha Pintadinha 01:47
Tudo É Grande No Elefante Galinha Pintadinha, Vera Fuzaro 02:05
Mariana Galinha Pintadinha 03:13
Quem Está Feliz Galinha Pintadinha 02:20
Tumbalacatumba Galinha Pintadinha 03:02
Abc Galinha Pintadinha 01:55
A Baratinha Galinha Pintadinha 03:31

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Galinha Pintadinha is a Brazilian children’s music project. Created by Juliano Prado and Marcos Luporini in 2006, and animated by Bromelia Produções, the songs follow the adventures of a cartoon chicken called Galinha Pintadinha. Even though the original tracks are sung in Portuguese, some of the songs have been translated into Spanish and English. What started as a series of highly popular online videos quickly turned into a fully-fledged musical project that made its debut in 2009 with the album Galinha Pintadinha e Sua Turma. This garnered the attention of the iconic Brazilian label Som Livre, who issued their second album Galinha Pintadinha 2 in 2010. Featuring classic children’s songs such as “Atirei o Pau no Gato,” “Alecrim Dourado,” “Sapo Cururu,” and “Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha,” the album sold over 100,000 copies and quickly obtained double-platinum certification. Prado and Luporini followed up this success with the sequels Galinha Pintadinha 3 (2012) and Galinha Pintadinha 4 (2014), which contained the track “Parabéns da Galinha Pintadinha,” an upbeat birthday song that entered the Brazilian Top 100 at Number 45. In 2015, they celebrated the project’s 10th anniversary with the full-length Galinha Pintadinha 10 Anos. A compiltation titled Caixinha de Música arrived in 2018 and included Galinha Pintadinha’s greatest hits.