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Working class subject matter in songs like Changing Lanes, Sweet Friday Air and Going to Work showcase the hopelessness faced by millennials and Gen Z. Compared to the boomer generation, who pulled the ladder up after themselves leaving us stranded for homes, with diminishing workers rights, no healthcare, no free time, just a trashed planet and rampant corporate capitalism and wealth hoarding. 
 But there is also a cautious optimism here too, shown in songs such as Evergreen, Sunshine on Dead End Street and Icarus, a longing for life’s simple pleasures, for love, for free time and good company. 
 There is none of the gaudy glorification and the excess of the boomer era of Rock. This is the antithesis to the insatiable greed of the modern mainstream music industry. A small part of a wider soundtrack to a modern counter culture, the resurrection of the ideals of the hippy soul. Let your freak flag fly.