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Kid Abelha

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Como Eu Quero Kid Abelha 04:46
Lágrimas E Chuva Kid Abelha 04:14
Nada Sei (Apnéia) Kid Abelha 03:26
o rei do salão Kid Abelha 03:32
Fixação Kid Abelha 03:04
Os Outros Kid Abelha 02:08
A fórmula do amor Kid Abelha 05:00
Eu Tive Um Sonho Kid Abelha 03:17
Nada Sei (Apnéia) Kid Abelha 03:11
Educação Sentimental II Kid Abelha 04:25

Most popular release

No Seu Lugar
Nada Tanto Assim
Educação Sentimental II
Porque Eu Não Desisto de Você

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Kid Abelha - AKA Kid Abelha & Os Abóboras Selvagens - was an alternative pop/new wave band formed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1981. The original line-up was composed of vocalist Paula Toller, guitarist/saxophonist/vocalist George Israel, bassist Carlos Leoni, and drummer Carlos Beni. Keyboardist Richard Owens and guitarist Beto Martins joined in 1982 and they recorded a demo tape featuring the songs "Fixação" and "Vida de cão é chato pra cachorro". The songs became popular in the Brazilian new wave/punk underground scene and eventually ended up on the Rock Voador compilation alongside recordings by their Brazilian new wave contemporaries. Kid Abelha released their debut album, Seu Espião, in 1984. Alongside a re-recording of "Fixação", the album featured other favorites like "Alice (Não Escreva Aquela Carta De Amor)", "Como Eu Quero", "Porque Não Eu?" and "Pintura Íntima". The album was a big success and earned the band a gold record. By this time, Beni, Martins, and Owens had left the band. Kid Abelha returned in 1985 with their second album Educação Sentimental. In 1986, they released the live album Ao Vivo and Carlos Leoni left the band. They continued to release studio albums including Tomate (1987), Kid (1989), Meu Mundo gira Em Torno de Voce (1996), Espanhol (1999), and Pega Vide (2005), all of which were successful to varying degrees but never quite captured the excitement of their early recordings. There were numerous live releases and hits collections released during the band’s lifespan, which came to a close in 2015.