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Local God Everclear 03:54
Santa Monica Everclear 03:11
I Want To Die A Beautiful Death Everclear 03:30
El Distorto De Melodica Everclear 03:07
Heroin Girl Everclear 02:57
Everything To Everyone Everclear 03:20
Amphetamine Everclear 03:35
So Much For The Afterglow Everclear 03:53
Unemployed Boyfriend Everclear 04:15
Here We Go Again Everclear 04:11

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Alternative rock band Everclear was formed in 1992 in Portland, Oregon. The band was founded by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Art Alexakis, who has remained the sole original member throughout the band’s 30 year career. Initially, the band featured Craig Montoya (bass) and Greg Eklund. They released their debut album, World of Noise, independently in 1993. Signing to Capital Records, they released their second album Sparkle and Fade (1995), which contained the Billboard hits “Heroin Girl”, “Santa Monica”, and “Heartspark Dollarsign”. Their next two albums repeated the platinum success of Sparkle and Fade: So Much for the Afterglow (1997) and Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How to Smile. Their next two albums didn’t fare as well and 2003’s Slow Motion Daydream was their final album featuring the original trio and the last album for Capital Records. When the band returned in 2006 with Welcome to the Drama Club, Alexakis was joined by a new Everclear crew. The band continued to tour and release a series of well-received albums including 2015’s Black is the New Black.