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As an Acoustic Live-Looping Artist, Spirit creates music like a painter generates a painting. A painter adds to the canvas with every stroke of the brush, and within time, a masterpiece is created. Spirit achieves the same results using his acoustic guitar to create layers upon layers, with your ears being the canvas – for every song – at every performance. The amazing organic result is then topped with a strong vocal performance. “I love a well written song, with solid hooks and structure – melodies that take you to places, or make you think, or let you dream. I enjoy the authentic sound of a live performance in a smaller venue, where you can hear the different instruments within the song.: More than just an acoustic guitar player / singer, or multi-instrumentalist, Spirit is a proficient live performer, equally with Percussion, Bass, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, and vocal abilities. Collectively, the instrument sounds and vocals you hear during a live performance are created organically through his acoustic guitar, which means all performances are live, using no pre-recorded tracks, keyboards, drum synthesizers, or computerized sounds.