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Яркий Я Дискотека Авария, Филипп Киркоров 03:42
Малинки Дискотека Авария, Жанна Фриске 03:56
Заколебал ты Дискотека Авария 03:26
Небо Дискотека Авария, Моральный кодекс 03:54
Фантазёр Дискотека Авария, Николай Басков 03:12
Труба зовёт Дискотека Авария 04:13
Песня про яйца Дискотека Авария 04:24
Новогодняя Дискотека Авария 05:11
Яйца всмятку Дискотека Авария 04:03
Малинки-Mалинки Дискотека Авария, Жанна Фриске 04:04

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Diskoteka Avariya is a Russian pop band formed in the town of Ivanovo by Nikolay Timofeev and Aleksey Ryzhov in 1990. Oleg Zhukov joined the band in 1992 and Aleksey Serov did so four years later. In 1997, the first album Танцуй со мной (Dance with Me) was released. In 1999, some of the band’s songs were included in the Soyuz dance music compilation thus making Diskoteka Avariya popular nationwide. Next album Маньяки (Maniacs) (2001) brought some of the undeniable hits such as «Заколебал ты!» (Sick of You!) «Небо» (Sky) and «На острие атаки» (On the Attacking End). After the short hiatus caused by the death of a band member Oleg Zhukov in 2002, Diskoteka Avariya came back with the singles «Если хочешь остаться» (Stay If You Want) and «Суровый рэп» (Harsh Rap). The band won the Best Russian Act award at MTV Music Awards 2002 in Barcelona. In 2005, it became Best Band according to MTV Russia. In 2006, the album Четверо парней (Four Guys) had been released, with the big radio hit «Малинки-малинки» (Malinki) featuring Zhanna Friske. A year after the release of the album Недетское время (Unchildish Time) in 2011, Nikolay Timofeev left the band pursuing his solo career. Anna Khohlova, who filled his place, left the band in 2020. Diskoteka Avariya won numerous awards as Best Band, Best Video, Best Song, and Best Dance Project in Golden Gramophone, Song of the Year, and MTV music awards. The track «Новогодняя» (New Year Song), released in 1999, is still topping the charts every year in December. The band specializes in dance music with ironic texts, mixing pop music with rap, hip-hop, and R&B.