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Setsuna no Ai (From "Bungou Stray Dogs") Jackie-o 04:35
Unravel (From "Tokyo Ghoul") Jackie-o 03:59
My War (From "Attack on Titan") Jackie-o 04:35
Question (From "Assassination Classroom") Jackie-o 04:27
My War (From "Attack on Titan") [TV Size] Jackie-o 01:32
Go Cry Go (From "Overlord") Jackie-o 03:37
Burn It All Down (From "League of Legends") Jackie-o, B-Lion 03:21
Bye Bye Yesterday (From "Assassination Classroom") [feat. Nika Lenina] Jackie-o, Nika Lenina 04:07
Enemy (From "Arcane: League of Legends") Jackie-o, B-Lion 02:52
Addict (From "Hazbin Hotel") [feat. B-Lion & Uta] Jackie-o, B-Lion, Uta 04:32

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