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Santiago Hernández (08/25/1982) drummer/percussionist and jazz composer, was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated with honors from “Escuela De Música Contemporanea” where he studied drum-set with two of the greatest drummers of Argentina, Fernando Martinez and Daniel Piazzolla. He also studied piano, harmony, composition and arranging with Juan “Pollo” Raffo. He was awarded with the “World Tour Scholarship” from BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Boston, U.S.A. There he studied drum-set with Kenwood Dennard, Ralph Peterson and Terry Lynne Carrington, among other great teachers. But that was not enough, he left Berklee with a DIPLOMA in PROFESSIONAL MUSIC and Summa Cum Laude honors. Now he is devising and promoting his own unique style of drumming and composing, combining jazz with South American styles and mixing it with others forms of world music. His innovative and professional playing comes from knowledge and most important from his heart. Check him out!