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A Hora Do Salvador Voz da Verdade 03:43
Lute Voz da Verdade 03:17
Alem Do Rio Azul Voz da Verdade 04:01
Ate o Fim Voz da Verdade 04:46
Terra Do Pão Voz da Verdade 05:12
Sou Um Milagre Voz da Verdade 06:46
Terra do Pão Voz da Verdade 05:11
Escudo Voz da Verdade 04:27
Chuva de Sangue Voz da Verdade 05:11
Sou Um Milagre Voz da Verdade 05:17

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Formed in Santo André, São Paulo, in 1978, and part of Brazil's Ministério Voz da Verdade ("Ministry of the Voice of Truth"), Brazilian contemporary Christian band Voz da Verdade ("Voice of Truth") are famed for their genre-bending sound and their four-decade-long career. Steered by Carlos A. Moysés and José Luiz Moisés, under its first incarnation the band issued their debut LP, Quem é o Caminho?, in 1978 along with an anthemic first single, "Jesus Vive", written by Elizabeth Moisés, sister of Carlos and José Luiz Moisés. A second LP, Consumado, arrived in 1979 and the group scored a duo of hits with their third LP Linda Manhã (1981); "Para Nunca Mais Chorar" and "Ele Virá". They expanded their lineup during the '80s, adding vocalists Lílian and Lydia Moisés, among other members. Bassist André L. Paolilo died of a hereditary degenerative disease in 1987 and Ibsen Batista took over on bass duties. 1987 saw the release of the album Sangue Cor Púrpura, which yielded notable tracks "Sangue Cor Púrpura", "Deus" and "Liberdade". LP Além do Rio Azul was released the following year. The '90s ushered in a string of live releases, including Um Grito de Liberdade and Magnífico, while the group marked the turn of the new millennium with a greatest hits collection, Best Moments, as well as their first DVD release, Deus Dormiu lá em Casa (2001). The next twenty years were shaped by a series of lineup changes, with new addition Sara Moisés, daughter of José Luiz and Rita, joining as a backing vocalist in 2002. Pastor Fued Moysés died in 2005 and Carlos A. Moysés took over as group leader. In 2008, the group celebrated its 30th anniversary with the DVD 30 Anos - Ao Vivo. The 2010s were marked by the passing of a number of members and former members, including vocalist Lílian Moisés in 2010 and Ministry founder Isa Moysés, in 2019. The group's 32nd studio album, Até Aqui Eu Cheguei (So Far I Got Here), landed in 2018.