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Time Left ZUTOMAYO 03:50
Darken ZUTOMAYO 04:10
Mabushii DNA Dake ZUTOMAYO 03:47
Kira Killer ZUTOMAYO, Mori Calliope 04:13
Hunch Gray ZUTOMAYO 04:09
Minority Myakuraku ZUTOMAYO 05:00
Blush ZUTOMAYO 04:17
Ham ZUTOMAYO 03:40
Seigi ZUTOMAYO 04:30
Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa ZUTOMAYO 03:58

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Led by mysterious vocalist Akane, Zutomayo are a Japanese rock band formed in 2018. Very little is known about them and the real identities of their members have never been disclosed. Their debut single “Byōshin o Kamu” was unveiled in June 2018 via their video-streaming channel and notched up over 200,000 views in its first week. It also became the most-streamed song in Japan after hitting streaming services in August of that year. The halo of mystery surrounding the group was further fuelled by their first slew of performances, in which they either played in total darkness or behind a translucent screen. Despite the band’s elusive nature, their debut EP Tadashii Itsuwari Kara no Kishō reached Number 8 on the Oricon charts and was nominated for the 19th CD Shop Awards. Its follow-up, the 2019 EP Ima Wa Ima De Chikai Wa Emi De, proved even more successful, snatching the top spot of both the Oricon Albums Chart and Billboard Japan’s Hot 100. Hisohiso Banashi, their first full-length, saw the light in October 2019 and quickly entered the Top 5 in Japan. In the subsequent years, Zutomayo continued their winning streak with the EP Hogaraka na Hifu tote Fufuku (2020) and their sophomore studio effort Gusare (2021), both of which peaked at Number 2 on the Oricon Albums Chart. In 2022, their single "Time Left" was used as the second ending theme in the anime series Chainsaw Man. The song was later included in their third studio full-length Jinkōgaku (2023), which climbed to Number 4 on the Oricon Albums Chart and Number 2 on the Japanese Billboard 200.